10 Vital Skin Care Tips For Everyone

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Everyone knows how important it is to take care of their skins. Your skin can be used to define You, Your skin can tell others if you are beautiful or otherwise, Your skin can make you look older or younger than you are supposed to, and can even tell what class of the society you belong to. In this post we are going to be sharing with you 10 things you can do to make your skin a lot more beautiful and flawless.

1.     USE HONEY FOR HEALING: Honey can be used to cure cracked lips and also help to heal wounds and hydrate parched skin. Honey also contains anti-viral properties that makes it a good cold-sore remedy.

2.     GET ENOUGH SLEEP: This is BEAUTY 101. Depriving your body of sleep will lead to stress and eventually breakouts.

3.     BATHING WITH MILK: Milk contains lactic acid which is a natural skin softener. Adding a few cups to your next bath can help to soften your skin. Also throw in a few teaspoons of honey for an anti-bacterial effect.

4.     TAKE AVOCADOS: Avocados contains Vitamins C and E. It also contains healthy fats to keep your skin bright, plump and hydrated. Take them regularly for a beautiful skin.

5.     SLEEP ON YOUR BACK: Sleeping in certain positions frequently can result in sleep lines. After a while these lines can turn into deep wrinkles. So it’s best to sleep on your back.

6.     LOTION IN MODERATION: Moisturizing your skin is good, but applying too much can be bad for your skin. It can cause breakouts and can also cause milia-tiny white spots that are formed when dead skin cells are trapped.

7.     EAT FISHY FOODS: Eating more fishy foods provides our skins with oil that lubricate cells and reduce information. Fish also contains omega-3-fatty acids which help in keeping our skins smooth and also prevents cancer.

8.     COCONUTS: Instead of water, frequently take the water found in coconuts. It helps to keep your skin naturally hydrated.

9.     GET RID OF OUTDATED CONTACTS AND GLASSES: Using outdated contacts and glasses will make you squint your eyes more often and lead to fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. To prevent this, change these equipment once they become outdated.

10.            STAY OFF ALCOHOL: More than one drink a day can cause increased oil production and enlarged pores. This is the same effect you get from lack of sleep.


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