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Back pain can be really frustrating when you are its victim, and if not paid proper attention to it can cause disability even to youths: you may just end up seeing all your dreams and aspirations end up with you on a wheelchair or on top of a bed. This article is not to scare you with that but rather to give you knowledge on why you are experiencing that back pain and also what you can do to get rid of it.
So if you are experiencing back pains, you are experiencing it for one of these reasons:
  • Common muscle and ligament issues: From the fact that common is attached to its name, it is the most common reason for your back pain. You don’t really have to stress yourself about this one because it heals after a few days or weeks. You can get this type of back pain from doing strainous work like carrying a heavy bag or bending frequently and end up ever stretching your muscles and ligaments in the process.
  •  Disc Injuries: If you think you have disc injuries then you should be concerned and probably see a physiotherapist or a medical doctor because you may not be standing for a very long time. The discs are composed of a capsule of connective tissue surrounding a soft, jelly like center and they are found between each pair of vertebrae. They are function like shock absorbers and sudden force or physical stress and strain can break one open, when this happens it is called a ruptured or hemiated disc.  
  •    Accidents: This includes car accidents or common accidents like falling, sprains and strains and even fractures,
  • ·        Spondylolisthesis: The name looks scary and it is. In this condition, a spine bone shifts out of place. Arthritis is also a degenerative form of Spondylolisthesis, which weakens the joints and ligaments keeping the spine aligned.
  • ·        Osteoporosis: This is a medical condition where your bones are weaker than they should be, and this makes fractures more likely to happen even in the spines.
  • ·        Spinal Stenosis: The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves that send signals between your brain and your body. If the space around the bones which surround your spinal cord are narrow it can put pressure on this nerves and then result in back pains.
  • ·        Osteoarthritis: This affects the joints. Normally a firm rubbery material called cartilage covers the end of each bone. In osteoarthritis, the cartilage breaks down causing pain, swelling, and problems moving the joints.
  • ·        Abnormal curvature of the spine: Some people’s spines are curved in such a way that may lead to back pains later in their future.
This reasons given and explained above are the major reasons why an individual can develop a back pain and they are majorly as a result of:
  •         Accidents.
  •         Medical Abnormalities.
  •         Strainous Work.
  •         Infections.
  •         Bad mattress.
  •         Obesity and overweight. etc.

Now we know the major causes of back pains we are now going to write about the best ways to get rid of them on your own. But we still recommend seeing a physiotherapist even before doing anything we tell you to.
  •  A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP: Since back pains are really common with people who have sleep disorders. Sleeping more often and on time can help get rid of the back pain. You should also try and get a good mattress if you know you don’t have one and also practice good sleeping positions. People that sleep on their stomach are more likely to suffer from back pains. Sleeping on your back or with your side can help a lot. Also invest in a good pillow.
  •     Frequent baths: Taking frequent baths can also help with your back pain. You also need to experiment on your won with either cold or warm water to know which one makes you feel better. Bathing with cold water and using ice on the affected region can help with swelling and inflammation while using warm water is ideal for reducing tension, cramping and muscle spasms.
  • FOOD AND DIET: Switching your diet to taking more of foods rich in calcium and magnesium can help reduce your back pain most especially in muscle spasms. Examples of food rich in calcium are raw milk instead of powdered, sardines, Yoghurts, beans, and almonds. While examples of food rich in magnesium are: sweetcorn, milk, cashews and bananas.
  •    Exercises: When you start having back pains. The first thing that comes to your mind is you probably need rest and to totally stay away from exercises. In most situations more rest can mean more problems. Doing some exercises can actually help strengthen that muscle more. If you have a physiotherapist of doctor contact him first before changing your fitness routine. Some exercises that can help your back pain includes: knee to chest stretch, corner stretch, chin to chest stretch, Ear to shoulder stretch and  knee to chest stretch
  •      Weight and Diet: We all know the easiest way to loose weight “eat less carbs with calories and frequent exercising: avoid stressful exercises that can complicate the pain”. Losing weight can also help you get rid of that back pain you have taken a lot of drugs for.

If none of the solutions we have given works for you. Then we suggest you see a physiotherapist or a doctor immediately. Because some back pains if left unattended to can increase your blood pressure and lead to other diseases.


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