3 Healthy Ingredients that should never run out in your kitchen

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healthy ingredients

In this post we will be giving you 3 really healthy ingredients based on years of research. This ingredients are affordable and easy to stuff on your kitchen cabinet. SO enjoy!!

1. Nuts.
Nuts are great for your heart health, and studies have shown that people who eat a handful of nuts a day live longer, healthier lives. It also doesn't hurt that they're delicious, and can turn almost any recipe into crunchy, nutty deliciousness. Since they're a little pricier, chop them up to make a handful go a long way.

2. Oils.
Cooking oils are great sources of fats that our bodies need to stay healthy and our food needs to stay tasty. Choosing the right oil seems intimidating, but two standbys for all your needs are olive oil and canola oil. Olive will take care of your low-heat, quick-meal demands, while canola can handle your high-heat, frying, and baking needs.

3. Lemons.
So simple and so cheap! Lemons are great for cooking fish and meat, as the acids in lemon juice help breakdown the raw flesh so yummy spices and juices can mix together. You already know it's refreshingly tart on its own, and lemons go perfectly with fresh greens and other veggies.


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