Surprising Solutions to get rid of dry skin

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If you notice rough, scaly patches on any part of your body especially your leg, arm, back or waist then you have dry skin. Dry skins could be itchy too.
          There are many recommendations for getting rid of dry skin but the following are among the best of them:

1. Moisturizers with AHA (Alpha Hydroxyl acids): AHAs which are originally derived from milk, fruit, or sugarcane help remove dry, dead, crusty, scaly skin. They also help to trap moisture in your skin, thereby restore your skin's smoothness.

2.  Moisturize your body while damp: It has been revealed that the best time of all to apply oil or cream to your face and body is immediately after a bath or shower, while you're still damp, and your skin is plump with moisture. This is so because most moisturizers and lotions are formulated to lock in moisture so that it doesn't evaporate.

3. Learn to apply enough grease to the parts of your body that are more prone to dryness such as your heels, elbows and arms. Always ensure to cover up these parts of your body after greasing them up especially at night.

4. soaking in lukewarm water in a tub for a fairly long period of time will also help in restoring moisture to the skin. Once done, the body should be patted semi-dry and oil should be applied to the skin.

5. Use milk: if your dry skin is itching and causing you a degree of discomfort, put some quantity of cold milk in a bowl with the aid of a dishcloth apply the milk to the skin for five minutes. There should be a relief after that.


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